I help female founders and entrepreneurs scale their companies using paid ads.

cEO and Marketing Director of AV Marketing Inc.

Let’s scale together!


I’ve been in the marketing industry for almost a decade;

I have a Bachelor of Commerce with Honors in International Economics, and post-graduate certifications in marketing management, public relations, and corporate communications.

The moment I found digital marketing, it was like a switch went off. 

When I realized I could take my ability to spot trends, my love of analyzing data, and my strengths as a clear communicator and merge them together to help founders and entrepreneurs grow their businesses, I knew it was my calling.

Since then,

I’ve helped over a hundred business owners across dozens of industries use paid ads scale their companies:


Online coaches, consultants, and course creators.


Medical companies and professionals


If you own a business, any type of business, you can use paid ads to scale it.

Let’s Work Together!


My team and I consistently achieve higher-than-industry-average ROI for our clients because we don’t aim for average.

We actually refuse to settle for average. We’re here to help raise the bar when it comes to industry standards and ensure you get the best return on ad spend and the lowest cost-per-click possible.

We are driven to find hidden niches that contain your dream customers, continually split test copy and creatives to find the ones that capture your leads’ attention, and think outside the box to find new angles and untapped audiences. We go the extra mile because we know that small tweaks produce the biggest payoffs and ROI for our clients.

When we work together, I also become a strategic partner in your business. I consult with you on your offers and funnels to make sure they convert at the highest level possible.

This is why my team and I only work with a small handful of clients each year! So that we have the space to give your campaigns and business the attention they deserve.

Check out some of our higher-than-industry-average client results:

speaker, interviewer, advisor



4700 +

363k +

new people reachED

new leads in 2 weeks

Komal Minhas

Check out some of our higher-than-industry-average client results:



Return on ad spend



direct revenue from ads

amount spent


Check out some of our higher-than-industry-average client results:




consistent ROAS
(Return on ad spend)




hours worked

Meet the team that helps make the magic happen: 

Melissa Huarcaya

Hilary van Gelder

Sanskriti Pundir

Graphic Designer

Project Manager

Marketing Coordinator

We also collaborate with other specialized professionals depending on your unique project needs.

Aashima Verma


Aashima Verma


Aashima has been in the marketing industry for almost a decade. She has a Bachelors in Commerce with Honors in International Economics, and post-graduate certifications in marketing management, public relations, and corporate communications. She’s obsessed with all things marketing, lead gen, and funnels. She’s helped businesses in various industries (coaching, e-commerce, beauty, insurance and the list goes on) grow and scale using the power of marketing and advertising. When not working away, you can find Aashima at a spa reading a good book with a view. Living her best introvert life.

Hilary van Gelder

Project Manager 

Hilary is the organizational guru (aka Project Manager) at Aashima Verma Marketing Inc. With a background in design, B2B marketing and entrepreneurship, she leverages this experience to manage the end-to-end deliverables for our clients. Living in rural Nova Scotia, outside the virtual office you’ll find Hilary enjoying the great outdoors with her dog, Oscar.

Sanskriti Pundir 

Marketing Coordinator

Sanskriti works as a Marketing Coordinator at Aashima Verma Marketing Inc. Her knowledge of videos that convert allows her to edit and create video ad assets for our clients that convert. Sanskriti is currently studying Digital and Content Marketing at York University. When not working or studying Sanskriti can be found cooking some of her favourite dishes, exploring Toronto or watching the latest Bollywood movies. 

Melissa Huarcaya

Graphic Designer

Melissa is a digital designer, illustrator, and web designer, with more than 12 years in the creative world with a background in architecture, marketing, and visual merchandising. Melissa helps you convey your brand's message through her designs, making you stand out and capture the attention of your potential customers. When not at work, Melissa can be found bingeing her favourite sitcom series or diving deep into the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

I say that’s BS. I say we can do better.

Did you know that

Only 12% of women business owners make over 6 figures a year.
Less than 2% make over a million.

We’re exceptionally passionate about helping women of colour founders scale.

As a Brown woman, I understand the struggle and cultural nuances of scaling a business as a woman of colour. Whether you’re Black, Muslim, South Asian, or any other person of colour, I understand and respect you and your culture.

It drives you, it forms your “why”, and it’s layered in every decision you make; I deeply respect and honor that.

The AV Marketing Inc. team is founded on this shared passion, and we are committed to supporting your business growth in a way that stays in alignment with every piece of you.

Each month, we give back to organizations that support underrepresented women.


Want to work together?

We can help you scale your company using paid ads in three ways:

Full-Scale Management

If you’re ready to scale your 7-figure business, or are ready to make the jump from 6 to 7 figures…

Our full-scale management will help you scale your company, generate consistent revenue, capture high-quality leads, and grow your following without adding more to your plate or being on social media 24/7.

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VIP Days

If you need a strategic ad campaign that will bring a steady stream of leads and sales into your business but don’t want the long-term commitment of an ads agency…

A VIP day will have your campaign up and running in one single day!

Check out VIP Days!

Audit + Consultation

Get an expert’s feedback on your Facebook ads!

With our Triple-A Ad Account Audit and Consultation, you’ll find out what’s working, what’s not, and what can be improved…

So you can stop wasting your money and finally have peace of mind about your campaigns.

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