The Ad Account Audit + Consultation


Get an expert’s feedback on your Facebook ads!

Find out what’s working, what’s not, and what can be improved so you can stop wasting your money and finally have peace of mind about your campaigns.


Your ads are running, but you’re not getting the results you were hoping for.

Maybe your return on ad spend is lower than anticipated, or your cost-per-click is higher than you were told it would be.

Or you had a lot of webinar signups, but they didn’t convert into your paid offer (...were they bad leads, or could your webinar use some improvement?)

You feel like you’re wasting your money, but you’re not sure why.

All you know is something is going wrong somewhere.

Is it…

• Ineffective targeting?
• Under-optimized ad copy and creatives?
• Improper budget allocation?
• Incorrect ad placement?

The truth is it could be any one of those things. Or a combination of those things.

It could even be something else entirely.

The great news?

You don’t have to spend hours combing through data, doing a bunch of confusing AF math, and pulling your hair out just to find out what’s going wrong with your ads.

The fact is that when you have a million audiences and a million ad sets, it does get complicated. And when you’re not an expert in Facebook ads, it quickly becomes overwhelming trying to figure out what’s going wrong where.

That’s where I come in!


The Ad Account Audit + Consultation

Get an expert’s eyes on your ads and find out what’s working, what’s not, and what can be improved so you can stop wasting your money and finally have peace of mind about your campaigns.



I am Aashima

I help female founders scale their businesses using paid ads.

I’ve been in the marketing industry for almost a decade and running paid ad campaigns for over 6 of those years.

I’m obsessed with all things marketing, lead gen, and funnels, and I’ve helped businesses in various industries (online coaches, service providers, e-commerce, medical aesthetics, insurance) grow and scale using the power of marketing and paid advertising.

I believe that you deserve to understand what’s going on with your ads without spending days going down the help docs rabbit hole or bashing your forehead on your keyboard in frustration.

As the owner of a Meta ads agency, I have managed over a million dollars in ad spend for my clients. Not only am I inside Ads Manager every single day, but I’m also constantly testing new techniques and staying on top of what’s working today. Ads change so quickly, it’s important that I stay on top of the trends so that my client’s ads keep performing at the highest standards possible.

When I audit your Facebook ads account, I bring my expertise and extensive ad knowledge to the table to pinpoint what exactly is going on with your ads. Trust me, I’ve seen it all, and I know how to identify and fix it!

I also tell you what you’re doing right, so you can hone in on those pieces and do more of that moving forward.

Think of it like a full diagnostic session for your ads:

You’re gonna know the good, the bad, and the ugly.

“It was great to have a professional step in and provide best practices while correcting actions that we were doing that could negatively impact our ad account”

“I was new to the world of Facebook Ads and this was my first time running ads myself, so our campaigns were built based on how past ads were historically set. Information on the internet was overwhelming or oversimplified, so it was hard to gauge the success and reach of campaigns. It was great to have a professional step in and provide best practices while correcting actions that we were doing that could negatively impact our ad account.

Aashima is highly knowledgeable and professional to work with, and made the world of Facebook Ads feel more approachable. The STEPS team left our time together feeling more equipped and knowledgeable in creating high-impact ad visuals and copy, analyzing results and pivoting campaigns accordingly, and maximizing campaigns through strategic settings and budgets.”

Engagement Manager at STEPS Public Art.

- Grace Lai

Who is Triple-A perfect for?

You should get an audit if…

You’re running ads, but you know they’re not performing to their full potential.

If you’re working with a social media manager or a project manager that includes ads with their package, but they’re not ads experts…

Or you’re working with an ads manager, but there’s just something in your gut telling you that they aren’t getting as good of results as they say they are…

I’ll make sure you know exactly what could be done better, and/or whether or not your gut feeling is right.

You’re about to start running ads again after a hiatus.

If you worked with an ads management company in the past and wound up tainted over the experience, so you took a hiatus…

Or you successfully ran ads a few years ago and want to know how to bring your old ads up-to-date before turning them back on…

I’ll help you get back into ads by making sure you start on the right foot.

You want to find out if you’ve done everything correctly before you turn your ads on.

If you’re a communications manager, marketing consultant, or in-house marketing manager and not an ads specialist, but you’ve been tasked with running ads for the company you work for…

I’ll make sure that your campaigns are set up to perform the best they can so you can wow the hell outta your boss.

Triple-A gives you the info that you need to improve your ads

When you’re wasting a lot of money on ad spend, you’ve got none to spare on fluff.

Here’s exactly how it works:


You’ll get started by booking a 60-minute intake call so I can learn about your business and your ideal customer, and so you can tell me about your concerns and goals.

This information tells me what I should be looking for when I get started with the deep dive into your account and campaigns.


I’ll do a thorough deep dive into your account and campaigns and compile my findings into a customized report.

Within 5 business days of our intake call, I’ll send over a Loom video with an in-depth breakdown of the report and suggestions on what to do moving forward.


After you’ve had time to watch the Loom video and go through your report, you can book a 30-minute follow-up consultation call to ask any clarifying or outstanding questions you may have.

This is genius! I want an audit!

“THEY were getting wins, but I wasn’t. It was fixed within a week!”

“I was working with another agency, and we were doing a lot of webinar ads and ads to free assets. There was lots of retargeting. There was also a lot of focus on webinar funnels, and it just wasn’t converting.

Their reports showed that THEY were getting wins, but I wasn’t. The leads weren’t converting on the backend.

I’m getting more traction now instead of always putting out something new. It was fixed within a week of working with Aashima!”

Productivity Strategist and Course Creator

- Allyssa Coleman

Every day you spend not knowing what’s wrong with your ads, it’s costing you…
potentially big time.

Peace of mind is just

60-Minute Intake Call with Aashima

Customized Report

Report Breakdown via Loom

30-Minute Follow-Up Consultation Call with Aashima

Get Triple-A and finally have peace of mind about your campaigns:


I’m ready to book my audit

frequently asked questions

What if none of the times on the calendar work for me?

If you can’t find a time that works, please email me at, and I’ll work with you to find a time that does!

 I’m working with a Facebook ads agency – is there any way they can find out that you’re doing this audit?

Nope, not unless you tell them! If you’re worried about this, I have a workaround where you don’t even need to add me to your account in order for me to gather the information that I need. There will be no paper trail that they’ll be able to find.

 Do you make any changes to my account or my ads?

I don’t go in and change anything, turn ads on or off, duplicate ad sets — nothing. I go into your account strictly to gather the information that I need to provide feedback and advice on how to move forward, but I don’t do any work in there. Any implementation needed is up to you or your team.

Triple-A is the only way to get my eyes on your ads and receive personalized feedback directly from me without having me on a retainer.

Are you ready to finally find out what’s working, what’s not, and what can be improved when it comes to your Facebook ads so you can stop wasting your money?

Click here to get your audit!