From LinkedIn to 2X+ ROI on Instagram With a Passive Digital Product Funnel: How My Client Expanded Beyond Her Main Marketing Channel, Built an Email List of Ideal Buyers, and Gained Over 3,500 IG Followers

“We have sold 600+ of these digital products on auto-pilot. I wish I had done this way earlier.”


Meet Claudia, a seasoned career coach, incredibly talented, but feeling stuck using only LinkedIn to find clients. Her journey was filled with scaling hiccups, from relying too much on a single platform to struggling with a flood of sales calls and an overlooked digital product. But here's the exciting part – our collaboration lit a spark of transformation that changed her business forever.

Key Numbers:

  • Over 3,333 followers: We expanded her online presence to Instagram and TikTok, and guess what? She now has a thriving audience.
  • More than 2x Return On Ad Spend: Our smart campaigns made every dollar count, delivering impressive returns.
  • 600+ 100% automated digital product sales: That digital product she'd forgotten about? We brought it back to life and it's selling like hotcakes.
  • 150 likes turned into serious revenue: Our ads worked wonders – those likes on her posts are now a substantial source of income.


This story isn't just about numbers; it's about creating more freedom in your business. You hit a point in your business where you’ve maximized your time and you need to add in an automated funnel that can finally free up your time to do what’s truly important for you. In this case, our client could finally take a lovely vacation with her partner while the sales kept on coming in 100% automated. 

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