Embracing Cultural Nuances & Overcoming Ad Restrictions: How We Boosted My Client’s Customer Base by 200% In 90 Days


Picture this: Halal Meals Toronto, a heartwarming meal delivery service with humble beginnings in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). They dared to dream big, expanding their reach to serve all of Ontario. But here's the twist – their previous ad agency missed the mark completely. 

Here are some of the initial challenges they faced with the previous ad agency:

  • Missed cultural cues and used inappropriate models.
  • Ad account disabled and owner's profile restrictions.

But when we stepped in, we transformed their journey:

  • Authentically resonant storytelling.
  • Shifted focus from features to benefits.
  • Leveraged community voices in ads.
  • Achieved an astounding 10x Return On Ad Spend in just one week.
  • Gave back with a charitable campaign, donating nearly 500 meals during Black Friday Cyber Monday.

Our ads


The agency before

 We also collaborated on this most amazing BFCM campaign and were able to donate almost 500 meals to the Toronto unhoused community.

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